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Being a virtual development, INOVERSITE aims to train a pool of qualified labor and expertise and to encourage relative R&D activities that will carry the region to a leading position in biomedical technologies. An international post graduate program will be initiated in the field of “Biomedical Technologies” with the contributions of the three universities, YOK (The Council of Higher Education), TASSA (Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association) and specified USA universities. Plans call for the granting of Master's (M.Sc.), Doctorate and Post Doctoral degrees, which will be conducted with the supervision of the three universities and a Super Coordinating Committee by use of TASSA's US-based Turkish researcher infrastructure. Training and educational activities will be carried out with support of the physical and human resources infrastructure of all three universities, as per the “Good Will Agreement” signed on June 29, 2009.

INOVATEK has the role of establishing the environment needed to commercialize the research results. Izmir and its surrounding areas are becoming more and more attractive for biomedical technology firms. In this context, the infrastructure will be set up so as to develop national and international new technologies and original products. The goal of the collaborative effort of the “Enterprise Europe Network” active in the region and EBILTEM (Ege University Science and Technology Center) as the coordinator institution, and based on the EU CIP Program, will be to: build an international project partnership, produce R&D aids, advertise and promote new technologies in international markets, and invite investors to the region.

The purpose of INOVAKENT is to develop new national and international level technologies and unique products. An R&D Center, which will be established with the support of ESBAS and other domestic / foreign sectoral shareholders, will provide devices that cannot be easily purchased by universities and offer an environment where researchers from Izmir as well as Turkish and American scientists from TASSA can work in cooperation with universities of the region. In this respect, it will be possible to strengthen the initiative with contributions of ESBAS contacts with the American drug-health sector companies.

Izmir for Health” is a competent Communication and Cooperation Platform for companies and researchers. The three big universities in Izmir ( Ege University, Dokuz Eylul University and the Izmir Institute of Technology) have a right to say about biomedical technologies containing bioengineering, biomechanics, materials science in the national and international platforms. Human resources about this area, physical infrastructure and research results are qualified enough to support and lead the newly blossoming Biomedical Technologies Industry and Production in Izmir. That's why it is possible to make Izmir a leader by forming clusters and creating excellence focus. Details

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