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Separating information-oriented society from industry-oriented society in the name of production and technology is that information-oriented society accepts working interdiciplinary and moving together as much as they can as their philosopy. The countries in which this awareness is common guide today's world economicaly and technologically. Because cooperation in specific areas allow rational use of the scarce resources like time and money as well as gaining more successful results and outputs. As the researches show, no mather how innovative the micro-scale companies and macro-scale regions and countries unless they use open innovation and cooperation techniques within ten years they will loose all of their innovative qualities. The most efficient and crucial tool is to bring the industry and universities which work on the same theme and create a cluster for regions to protect or to improve their skills. Clusterings are supported especially by the European Union.

INOVIZ Initiative's aim is to create joint projects between universities and research centers for the health sector which was chosen “Rising Sector for Izmir”, creating a leading Izmir by producing new technological products by cooperating in pre-competitive areas. Within this framework the aims of the initiative can be sum as;
• Creating international project partnerships,
• Providing R&D aids,
• Announcing and promoting new technologies in the international markets,
• Attracting investors in to the region.

INOVIZ Mission?
Creating an environment for technology and information transfers providing training and education opportunities supporting market entering activities. İNOVİZ

INOVIZ vision
Building a communication platform among academic institutions that are operative in relevant fields, enhancing collaboration between industry and universities, increasing the performance by triggering sectoral clusters in a socio-economic sense and concentrating on knowledge, skill and competence in the sector. İNOVİZ

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